copyright fredrik olsson 2005

no this shot's not from the europe photobloggers meetup, although my intentions were to put one up from that splendid weekend. it turns out that all london files are at my computer at work, and that the ones i thought i'd sent to my inbox didn't land there. god knows where they ended up. right now, someone's probably quite surprised to find a couple of shots of hin in their mailbox. i don't know if it's sad or just plain dull that i'm still posting things from my brief new york stay in april.

this week's been crowded with meetings, meetings, and actually some setting up for a photo shoot at work next week. lots of things are happening and work is fun again! so i haven't had much time to answer emails and post photos at all.

what else? yeah, i got me a cable to connect the spanking new tv with the computer. i don't say you should download copyrighted material from the web, i really don't (so make sure you clean your cache after pointing your browser to right now, i'm currently not trying to get my digital hands on stuff, especially not the spirer documentary on hip hop battles, and not on lords of dogtown either. hey, i'm not even trying to find napoleon dynamite. and i'm definitely not a part of the ironic generation.

and i'm having a hard time keeping my son from eating those delicious cookies lynn brought to the london meetup;)

i'm looking at the map (bottom right corner) and find myself intrigued and puzzled by the hits from around the world. and i'm particularly keen on knowing something more about you how came here all the way from gävle; who are you? HEJA BRYNÄS!

and i know i shouldn't start a sentence with a conjunction. and who do you think cares? and nah, that's right; no one did.