copyright fredrik olsson 2006

yeah, i know i've done this before but gig photography is sooo boring... what's a boy to do? i'm not even sure why i bring the camera when the music's on. there are few that do it good.

brendan benson and jack white of the raconteurs at accelerator the big one last week.

if you're intending to increase your muscle mass by visiting world class gym in stockholm, but are not sure as to what opening hours the gyms have... fear not, simply surf to their web page and click 'opening hours'. but wait, that won't work as they, e.g., claim to be open by 10 a.m. on sundays when they infact don't open until eleven. turns out they have two different schedules, but the one for the summer's not available from where you think it is. when confronted with this flaw, whoever is behind the counter will inevitably fail to recognize, not to mention admit, their failure (slussen). oh well, what could you expect from a gym that begs their clients not to drop the weights on the floor or to make noises... (kungsholmen).