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it's been four years since the first post here at one year ago, two years ago, three years ago, four years ago. four years of learning, getting to know people, and being inspired by all the good stuff that's out there. it's been a swell time peeps!

some smudo numbers: i've posted 925 posts, including this one, to which you have responded in 6575 comments. i don't know how many of you have been here in total since i've changed host and accidentally deleted my log files, but i do know that; the site had 2631 visits on january 30 this year, 8453 pages were displayed on january 29, and that i've yet to hit that 25Gb traffic limit per month that i pay for. what more? 18000 - 20000 of you visit per month, looking at approximately 55000 - 60000 pages, and as i'm writing this, yahoo! site explorer claims this site has 36000+ inlinks.

i know these numbers aren't in any way extreme, but i would have had a hard time grasping this kind of exposure when i started this blog four years ago. heck, i don't think i thought i'd still have a blog in four years time four years ago;)

thanks for visiting!