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lights black. i can't hang with them for long. melancholy and the infinite wallet. peek-a-bed. drenched. this fallen angel could stitch a wing with a shoestring. ten thirteen. five years of all i wanted was a fucking pepsi. consuming energy. kung two. eight years. 18. 11. whenever i take a choice it turns away. life right now. suicide asteroid. blinded. rev rev. awkward moments #1 ... party trick. we fight for diamonds. tapes. specialist. profiling. sten.sax.påse. brighten up. sun. daughter. spring. oh children. this is where they come to take me away. forever. straight up. wound down. flat out. asocial, one the verge of being antisocial. fry this. midvinter. trumpets and bookmarks. slowly getting there... the weather's not optimal for biking anyway. sometimes you just have to stay flat. very merry. happy ho ho ho. ... this is repetitive. like nothing has changed. in retrograde amnesia. force medicated. memory void. dualism. people in the back pass the gazoline. svart. leave all poison for the system. carry our weight. chuks. fuck you and your tight pants. half a diptych. arrow and grain. holocaust tower. remember. remember. we want in. takdropp. wildbirds and peacedrums. ultra:magnetic. nature always wins #3. magnetic. god in the gaps. a fine piece of tart. re:surface. äntligen. symmetries of public spaces. pt 5. nature always wins #2. hints. re:void. nature always wins #1. v to the a to the mf cation. suddenly, he realised he was late for supper. in trance as mission. kung. barbieque. blindside. smokes. the 21 century noise calle real re:publik. pt 3. re:publik. pt 2. re:publik. pt 1. ssssh. not bloody likely. sthlm rain. pt 5. finders keepers. nine-o-two. in constant motion. itchy. bummer. i broke my camera. wall and toy. springsprangsprungout. self-constrained. pt 2. self-constrained. you're moooi. mirrored mirrored mirrored. believe in summer hold the transition. the lake of tears. cornered. this here light. these here lines. please thrash this street. forward comrads, forward. lost. re:plan. contiki. head first. treesome. happy birthday son! ö. the disappearing act. who's there? jusqu'ici tout va bien. gott nytt år! low. long. sisters. redux. happy holidays. alternative take. happy holidays. thanks for watching. no ticks. control. a gift a day will keep the kids astray. sort of a repost. the firstborn #3. the firstborn #2. the firstborn #1. indeed. win my agfa jsoly toy camera! not really. loneliness in public spaces. pt1. rain and the fall. they're just kids. pneumonia no! new breed of spam? ...i don't blame you. great grandmas. vila attack. magnetized. in session #4 i will not go. in session #3 in session #2 in session grafd inhabited? inhibited. am i right? amsterdam. saturday afternoon. trails. permanent. ex porn star truck. red light district. bike frenzy. here we go again. sideways to heaven. ...and all i got was this lousy cube. p. not so secret anymore. i can smell what you're talking about. the incredibles. it will be hard to bring you back to life. mad lee riot. wild carpet ride. some say i got devil. some say i got angel. re:fute. on the verge of bursting. summer joy. mad angry. somewhat reluctantly... tree is a magic number. disconnect. knee cap. band aid. summer. cloudhopping. separated. 808 reflexive. ro. the raconteurs black waters done. over. had. silver jews pärlplatta. temporary for life. calculating. anticipating. pimp my bride. land of ticks. love. light. gruel. big money has a distorting effect. can. fork. hangover. seagull. smoke. summer. sweden: two. england: two. game. air. i need air. sweden: one. the others: nil. taste of cindy. reference. tail lights fade rails. lines. and stone washed jeans. boosterism and insularity. ed #2. boosterism and insularity. ed #1. dial a cliché embarrassed to be alive on cue sr going under, going deep wassup as good as it's ever gonna be reserve your venom for the meek walk away extreme makeover. industrial edition. directions. please. i know a site that sucks wut. fav. show. poilâne sisters shout out! welcome little sister which is faster solar chocolate state of the kitchen redux