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my summer girl. bryant park. out. i really shouldn't... seriously. and then they were eight... just like that. reoccurring epiphany. arrow and grain. we want in. symmetries of public spaces. pt 5. nature always wins #2. you're with the bad boys now, baby. suddenly, he realised he was late for supper. surrender. in constant motion. do you follow? trails. permanent. sideways to heaven. i can smell what you're talking about. tree is a magic number. done. over. had. calculating. land of ticks. love. light. gruel. rails. lines. and stone washed jeans. boosterism and insularity. ed #1. pretentious. crap. redux. ahead pretentious. crap. coffee tree scent of summer things i don't remember leave one out drive swedish summer may 1st: the city that's always asleep. best man and groom black brick road we can build you eklektrosöder black with nv chocolate milkshake disfluent re and turn gainfully funemployed the passage plingchutchuttn my own business mining my own business #4 mining my own business #3 mining my own business #2 mining my own business #1 everything's gone green z.n.s. paperbag writer go! spastic theme from good people sergels torg wifi theme for great cities dropout boogie pump the brakes #2 clear the teen keen skip punchbag sidewalking pop song urko's conquest consequence sk8 some band dog day afternoon spaceship landing with a professional vanished asesino xprocpramwalk reed #2 reed #1 arty perspective tires sensia xprocessed architecture lomoish dinner #2 lomoish dinner under the bridge - structure misty mountains - dirty window