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mitt enda hopp. in i skogen. symmetry of being bored. piteå havsbad. point your erection in our direction. stuff that really matters. ... ... post mo' bills. happy holidays. ... ... eight years. mango and water melon. j. ... ... ... here's to a great new year! god jul/happy holidays! i'm not gone yet. just hibernating. hello, big eyes! for the love of him. for the love of it. for the love of her. dark and long. oh dearest. ljust. ! brunello. se7en years of blogging. pure sunshine. welcome little sister. doh moment. just landed. it's been a good weekend. ... we're happy. now what? looking for symmetry where there is none. räddare. ... favorit. annabelle. piece by piece. dirge. no strings attached, no batteries included. ... ... seven. fruit on the bottom, hope on top. nystart. ... here's to love peace and happiness! the heat i radiate. lugna tider. happy holidays. vit. rubberbands. min värld har blivit så liten. ... pale. ... november. hong kong. the light that failed. ... limelighters. ... scardust. ... återkommande. don't speak. i can hear you. anomaly. about to appear. crochet. contrasts. mamma, kolla hur stark jag är då! summer cliché 101. my summer girl. rank order. ... i'm not scared. my shame will comfort you. now, show me the fairy. structure or anomaly? ... symmetries of public spaces. pt 8. character is easier kept than recovered. en ljummen i gräset. ... m. air drum. redrum. today. sic. need to be. anything mirrored is scary. sand. concentration. ... happy insider. luxury is killing mankind. mono core. single thread. nop. evidence of intelligent life. ... catch-a-flash. symmetries of public spaces. pt 7. intense. i'm running out of titles. the little things. ... pick a fail. heartland. three years old today. ... coldscape. köttpirog. sterilt. diverge. ... i know who put baby in the corner. thursday night. degree certificate. champagne. twenty years of dismember:ment. 00.51. 20.41. ibland blir det bara för mycket. 22.09. 19.29. air war. happy birthday son! some might say i revised and expanded. feeding the game. speak your mind, that's what's up. a beast, a saviour. take me to you wide open. god jul || merry xmas || joyeux noël my name is mud. snow. isn't it funny the mark lanegan stance redux. nail. wave. leg. viral season. smudofy. youngster and sea. o:ordning. nästan där. permeate. life. mediterranean. flight to white bright. fcuk this is a dull shot. c. c and c. machines. root. i really shouldn't... seriously. curb. lights black. i can taste metal in the air tonight. oh what a mess it's just to leave it. area code 08 at 08:08 on 080808. but on another i can't relate. on a certain level i think they're great. they're cool, but i need you. ... i can't hang with them for long. melancholy and the infinite wallet. peek-a-bed. drenched. this fallen angel could stitch a wing with a shoestring. ten thirteen. five years of all i wanted was a fucking pepsi. consuming energy. kung two. eight years. 18. 11. whenever i take a choice it turns away. life right now. suicide asteroid. blinded. rev rev. awkward moments #1 ... party trick. the mark lanegan stance. we fight for diamonds. tapes. specialist. profiling. sten.sax.påse. brighten up. sun. daughter. spring. oh children. this is where they come to take me away. forever. straight up. wound down. flat out. asocial, one the verge of being antisocial. fry this. midvinter. trumpets and bookmarks. slowly getting there... the weather's not optimal for biking anyway. sometimes you just have to stay flat. very merry. happy ho ho ho. ... this is repetitive. like nothing has changed. in retrograde amnesia. force medicated. memory void. dualism. people in the back pass the gazoline. revenge. svart. leave all poison for the system. carry our weight. chuks. fuck you and your tight pants. half a diptych. arrow and grain. holocaust tower. remember. remember. we want in. takdropp. wildbirds and peacedrums. ultra:magnetic. nature always wins #3. god in the gaps. a fine piece of tart. re:surface. äntligen. symmetries of public spaces. pt 5. nature always wins #2. hints. re:void. nature always wins #1. v to the a to the mf cation. so what'cha want. suddenly, he realised he was late for supper. in trance as mission. kung. barbieque. blindside. smokes. the 21 century noise calle real re:publik. pt 3. re:publik. pt 2. re:publik. pt 1. ssssh. not bloody likely. sthlm rain. pt 5. finders keepers. nine-o-two. in constant motion. in:animate. itchy. bummer. i broke my camera. wall and toy. springsprangsprungout. self-constrained. pt 2. symmetries of public spaces. pt 3. self-constrained. you're moooi. mirrored mirrored mirrored. believe in summer hold the transition. the lake of tears. cornered. this here light. these here lines. please thrash this street. forward comrads, forward.