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kulturhuset. adlibity. midvinter. i'm not gone yet. just hibernating. favorite #1. low impact. something something grey. anomaly. about to appear. mamma, kolla hur stark jag är då! en ljummen i gräset. evidence of intelligent life. symmetries of public spaces. pt 7. ... you consider us random. at best. humiliation will be on you. that's not a riot it's a feast let's eat. listen to the girl as she takes on half the world. drenched. the mark lanegan stance. profiling. this is repetitive. like nothing has changed. and then they were eight... just like that. loneliness in public spaces. pt 2. memory void. revenge. funion. i hear voices. i see smiles to match'em. do or dot com. sthlm rain. pt 6. a fine piece of tart. prolonged. overriders. hold the transition. cornered. head first. ...i don't blame you. boosterism and insularity. ed #2. dial a cliché long walks on short piers which is faster passing coney island IX when the levee breaks transfer moma moments II moma moments april 6, 6:05 pm at 5th and 22nd plague rages mu-getsu le salève lions sidewalking vanished slain semi-silhouette another silhouette the dark tower spot the train snowing generations night time, high time rock'n roll at it's finest #3 translucence mourning