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kulturhuset. stockholm sett snett uppifrån. 3. rollerblades. britta. which reminds me... an ordinary day. ... ... low impact. should have taken acid with you. summer. grass. water. hear no evil, speak no evil. no strings attached, no batteries included. ... ... you block my every move. inanimate. edible. ... flatter. fjädrar. crochet. contrasts. structure or anomaly? air drum. redrum. luxury is killing mankind. alternate. redux. out. 20.41. 19.29. some might say i revised and expanded. feeding the game. a beast, a saviour. c. i really shouldn't... seriously. lights black. unstoppable. naken. humiliation will be on you. i can taste metal in the air tonight. that's not a riot it's a feast let's eat. sleep is all i ask. no need to be alone. maybe once or twice one of them smiles at me. listen to the girl as she takes on half the world. five years of suicide asteroid. unavailable. awkward moments #1 ... euphemistic. asocial, one the verge of being antisocial. befindlichkeit. thirtyseven. slowly getting there... new year. new hopes. new shields. control. we're there. all naysayers hold their tongue. in retrograde amnesia. and then they were eight... just like that. loneliness in public spaces. pt 2. survivalism for fun. this is where it all ends. reoccurring epiphany. bitchmark. magnet. repell. ...but i will not smoke it. evoke. awake. memory void. not smart enough to be scared. roses are dread. hauptbahnhof. revenge. svart. carry our weight. chuks. half a diptych. arrow and grain. remember. remember. so why you need a heater for? ultra:magnetic. funion. förkrossad. indiesingalongnight. i hear voices. i see smiles to match'em. roses are dead. do or dot com. sthlm rain. pt 6. m:agent magnetic. more of a puzzle if you will. gondolen.nelodnog where sympathy held sway. the fourth narcissist post. technology won't save us. you're with the bad boys now, baby. just like the rainbow, you know you set me free. kung. a must-stop robot shop. cause because effect. surrender. hard margin. calle real re:publik. pt 3. not all that dope. re:volve. symmetries of public spaces. pt 4. clutching at straws. lugn. overriders. bikefighters. cracked. four. void. naturhistoriska drottninggatan. medis. medis. medis. waiting for the freeze-over. medis. södertorn. hornsgatan. endoftheroad. your nearest exit may be behind you. jag är en sån jävla medelmåtta. nieuwe leliestraat. do you follow? order of precedence. symmetries of public spaces. pt 2. catatonia teeth cringe. little things. as ubiquitous as nebulous. way. vacation. finally. multiples of three. long walks on short piers blå down. out. arcane i spy a lot of files flu bird. flu. sore pretentious. crap. wallpapers sneakr rat art white heat things i don't remember to no avail fruitcase counterclockwise leave one out holga bitch shameless plea for hosting funds expiration date sink trash can ontop neglected more that fly pigeon here we go again truck car project #1 shoveling snow abandoned? sensia xprocessed major update affordance time for a break katarinahissen posed glamour architecture #2 lomoish dinner #2 lomoish dinner students' homes cold and lonely gone grey december yes, we have no bananas second round of lomo lc-a shots glennfest #2