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dirge. happy holidays. vit. ... ... don't speak. i can hear you. i'm not scared. melancholy and the infinite wallet. specialist. this is repetitive. like nothing has changed. force medicated. people in the back pass the gazoline. not smart enough to be scared. fuck you and your tight pants. arrow and grain. we want in. takdropp. m:agent god in the gaps. re:surface. hints. re:void. the fourth narcissist post. technology won't save us. self-constrained. pt 2. this here light. these here lines. cracked. girl. window. blue. rain and the fall. new breed of spam? red light district. i can smell what you're talking about. 808 reflexive. sparse. two. sparse. one. olive tree flip side olive tree pretentious. crap. no colors terminal eleven onesize codéine merge, a vessel, a harbour flz gigantic back to basics truck generations abstract glass 03 in sum old barn times two