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back where i wanna be flying. mitt enda hopp. in i skogen. symmetry of being bored. in absentia. piteå havsbad. ... point your erection in our direction. ... stuff that really matters. ... ... post mo' bills. happy holidays. my swimmer. kulturhuset. stalker walker. stockholm sett snett uppifrån. big brother, little sister. torso. ... ... ... eight years. mango and water melon. 3. v and wall. L. j. rollerblades. britta. ... ... ... adlibity. which reminds me... midvinter. hello. here's to a great new year! god jul/happy holidays! i'm not gone yet. just hibernating. an ordinary day. ... ... på rygg i medelhavet. svartvit sommarfrossa. när man minst anar det. wide open road. mitten. den här också. mitten. ... hello, big eyes! ... big brother, little sister. the hottest summer in 16 years. favorite #2. favorite #1. doh moment redux. ublixbo. ... for the love of him. for the love of it. for the love of her. pose. no illusion. illusion. dinosaur quiz. wink. ... dark and long. oh dearest. ljust. ! brunello. se7en years of blogging. pure sunshine. welcome little sister. ... doh moment. just landed. it's been a good weekend. ... we're happy. now what? looking for symmetry where there is none. räddare. the differences. them diffrnenceees. light meter. v is four. ... favorit. annabelle. piece by piece. dirge. bunnies. com.mute. low impact. should have taken acid with you. elbana. something something grey. walk. summer. grass. water. hear no evil, speak no evil. no strings attached, no batteries included. ... madrasskungen. ... boy take off your shoes and feel free. you block my every move. very high and not at all that dry. seven. fruit on the bottom, hope on top. nystart. ... here's to love peace and happiness! the heat i radiate. lugna tider. happy holidays. vit. inanimate. edible. rubberbands. min värld har blivit så liten. ... pale. ... november. ... hong kong. the light that failed. ... limelighters. ... scardust. tillräknelighet. ... v and the spiderman camera. ... återkommande. jesusfolket intar stockholm. don't speak. i can hear you. any time is a long time. anomaly. about to appear. fireworks. ... det finns alltid en större fisk. ... flatter. fjädrar. on a hot day. crochet. contrasts. mamma, kolla hur stark jag är då! summer cliché 101. my summer girl. rank order. level with me. stockholm. dystopia. ... let's call this a map. i'm not scared. bryant park. my shame will comfort you. now, show me the fairy. structure or anomaly? ... symmetries of public spaces. pt 8. character is easier kept than recovered. life metronome. paddington d.c. and mr p. undercover slumber pary. en ljummen i gräset. souvenirs. ... m. air drum. redrum. today. sic. need to be. anything mirrored is scary. sand. concentration. ... happy insider. luxury is killing mankind. mono core. single thread. nop. evidence of intelligent life. ... catch-a-flash. symmetries of public spaces. pt 7. intense. i'm running out of titles. alternate. redux. the little things. ... pick a fail. heartland. out. three years old today. symmetries of public spaces. pt 6. rigid designator. alchemistically yours. the dichotomy of missing. ... change by reversal. you consider us random. at best. friend. facade. six am. ... orthogonality. earth hour. ... coldscape. köttpirog. sterilt. diverge. ... saturday, skating. this is gradually. saturday, sergels torg, stockholm. saturday, sveavägen, stockholm. i know who put baby in the corner. thursday night. degree certificate. champagne. twenty years of dismember:ment. 00.51. 20.41. ibland blir det bara för mycket. 22.09. 19.29. air war. happy birthday son! some might say i revised and expanded. feeding the game. speak your mind, that's what's up. a beast, a saviour. take me to you wide open. god jul || merry xmas || joyeux noël my name is mud. snow. isn't it funny the mark lanegan stance redux. nail. wave. leg. viral season. smudofy. youngster and sea. o:ordning. nästan där. permeate. life. mediterranean. flight to white bright. fcuk this is a dull shot. c. c and c. machines. root. i really shouldn't... seriously. curb. lights black. unstoppable. naken. humiliation will be on you. i can taste metal in the air tonight. that's not a riot it's a feast let's eat. sleep is all i ask. no need to be alone. maybe once or twice one of them smiles at me. oh what a mess it's just to leave it. listen to the girl as she takes on half the world. area code 08 at 08:08 on 080808. smells like cheap creem cheese. but on another i can't relate. on a certain level i think they're great. they're cool, but i need you. ... i can't hang with them for long. melancholy and the infinite wallet. peek-a-bed. drenched. this fallen angel could stitch a wing with a shoestring. ten thirteen. five years of all i wanted was a fucking pepsi. consuming energy. kung two. eight years. 18. 11. whenever i take a choice it turns away. life right now. suicide asteroid. blinded. unavailable. rev rev. awkward moments #1 ... party trick. the mark lanegan stance. we fight for diamonds. tapes. specialist. profiling. sten.sax.påse. brighten up. sun. daughter. spring. oh children. this is where they come to take me away. forever. euphemistic. straight up. wound down. flat out. asocial, one the verge of being antisocial. befindlichkeit. thirtyseven. fry this. midvinter. trumpets and bookmarks. slowly getting there... the weather's not optimal for biking anyway. new year. new hopes. new shields. sometimes you just have to stay flat. control. we're there. very merry. happy ho ho ho. all naysayers hold their tongue. beautiful cartoon trooper. ... this is repetitive. like nothing has changed. in retrograde amnesia. and then they were eight... just like that. loneliness in public spaces. pt 2. survivalism for fun. force medicated. this is where it all ends. reoccurring epiphany. bitchmark. magnet. repell. ...but i will not smoke it. evoke. awake. prototypical robocop. memory void. dualism. people in the back pass the gazoline. not smart enough to be scared. roses are dread. hauptbahnhof. revenge. svart. leave all poison for the system. carry our weight. chuks. fuck you and your tight pants. half a diptych. arrow and grain. holocaust tower. remember. remember. we want in. takdropp. wildbirds and peacedrums. so why you need a heater for? ultra:magnetic. funion. förkrossad. indiesingalongnight. i hear voices. i see smiles to match'em. roses are dead. do or dot com. sthlm rain. pt 6. m:agent nature always wins #3. magnetic. god in the gaps. a fine piece of tart. re:surface. äntligen. symmetries of public spaces. pt 5. nature always wins #2. more of a puzzle if you will. hints. re:void. nature always wins #1. gondolen.nelodnog where sympathy held sway. v to the a to the mf cation. so what'cha want. the fourth narcissist post. technology won't save us. you're with the bad boys now, baby. suddenly, he realised he was late for supper. in trance as mission. just like the rainbow, you know you set me free. kung. barbieque. blindside. smokes. a must-stop robot shop. cause because effect. surrender. hard margin. the 21 century noise calle real re:publik. pt 3. re:publik. pt 2. re:publik. pt 1. ssssh. not bloody likely. sthlm rain. pt 5. finders keepers. nine-o-two. in constant motion. sthlm rain. pt 4. sthlm rain. pt 3. not all that dope. in:animate. the third world. yes, we are so happy now. sthlm rain. pt 2. re:volve. sthlm rain. pt 1. prolonged. magnetic wall. symmetries of public spaces. pt 4. clutching at straws. lugn. overriders. itchy. leave'em all behind. bummer. i broke my camera. wall and toy. springsprangsprungout. you're damn right i won't. south. north. self-constrained. pt 2. symmetries of public spaces. pt 3. self-constrained. you're moooi. mirrored mirrored mirrored. believe in summer hold the transition. the lake of tears. cornered. this here light. these here lines. thinner. please thrash this street. forward comrads, forward. lost. re:plan. contiki. bikefighters. lamp. cracked. four. girl. window. head first. imaging having a mind like that. void. aiming high. treesome. naturhistoriska happy birthday son! drottninggatan. medis. medis. medis. waiting for the freeze-over. medis. södertorn. hornsgatan. ö. the disappearing act. who's there? jusqu'ici tout va bien. gott nytt år! low. long. endoftheroad. sisters. redux. happy holidays. alternative take. happy holidays. thanks for watching. no ticks. control. a gift a day will keep the kids astray. your nearest exit may be behind you. jag är en sån jävla medelmåtta. blue. sort of a repost. and the winner is... the firstborn #3. the firstborn #2. the firstborn #1. nieuwe leliestraat. indeed. win my agfa jsoly toy camera! win my agfa jsoly toy camera! not really. you made me wanna scratch. do you follow? order of precedence. symmetries of public spaces. pt 2. catatonia teeth cringe. symmetries of public spaces. pt 1. loneliness in public spaces. pt1. rain and the fall. they're just kids. pneumonia no! new breed of spam? little things. ...i don't blame you. great grandmas. vila attack. magnetized. in session #4 v in the park. i will not go. high noon. in session #3 in session #2 in session grafd inhabited? inhibited. am i right? amsterdam. saturday afternoon. trails. permanent. ex porn star truck. red light district. bike frenzy. still no desert. here we go again. futureless feature. featureless future. it's more fun to commute. sideways to heaven. grab. ...and all i got was this lousy cube. retrofitted. as ubiquitous as nebulous. dinner for one. p. cripple the continuity. not so secret anymore. i can smell what you're talking about. the incredibles. it will be hard to bring you back to life. mad lee riot. wild carpet ride. some say i got devil. some say i got angel. re:fute. on the verge of bursting. summer joy. mad angry. somewhat reluctantly... banka. tree is a magic number. disconnect. knee cap. band aid. summer. cloudhopping. separated. 808 reflexive. ro. the raconteurs black waters done. over. had. way. silver jews pärlplatta. temporary for life. vacation. finally. multiples of three. calculating. anticipating. pimp my bride. land of ticks. love. light. gruel. big money has a distorting effect. can. fork. hangover. seagull. smoke. summer. sweden: two. england: two. game. decayed. decadent. defaced. air. i need air. sweden: one. the others: nil. white teeth. nosebleed. taste of cindy. reference. tail lights fade rails. lines. and stone washed jeans. boosterism and insularity. ed #2. boosterism and insularity. ed #1. dial a cliché embarrassed to be alive on cue sr going under, going deep wassup as good as it's ever gonna be reserve your venom for the meek revisiting the site that sucks walk away extreme makeover. industrial edition. long walks on short piers directions. please. just plain. crap. blå pretentious. crap. redux. down. out. i know a site that sucks wut. fav. show. lost. now found. poilâne sisters shout out! welcome little sister which is faster arcane i spy a lot of files wreak havoc overly. sharpened. cart solar chocolate kicking a habit state of the kitchen redux style as confrontation comatose doe sipple flu bird. flu. pace. identity. inertia snow racing reachin' mirror. mirror. sparse. two. ahead sparse. one. isolate thanks for waiting olive tree flip side olive tree bow down to the exit sign ain't goin nowhere anytime soon zero tolerance tolerance home. away. noname self sore ain't it dead yet? we share our mother's health in a galaxy far, far away places to rest state of the kitchen where pain. t. noise construction time again enter nofo leaving sofo pretentious. crap. do not walk on grass alpha b... itch gondolen wallpapers sneakr cause and effect spot the dad rat art redder annual increments pale rude awakening three years today coffee tree skandiabanken, bankid and mac white heat foamish funnelish i call you sand sit scent of summer tree two tree one things i don't remember f.irst re:fresh to no avail dark and long merrymerry! s.l.o.w.l.y. snow. finally. fruitcase sold counterclockwise crippled leave one out high plains drifter neutral holga bitch eta april no colors another love house terminal eleven noiseless waddayaknow? a spy in the house of love house of love shameless plea for hosting funds expiration date stop motion traffic zero gravity smoke qsp #7 light live ones sink qsp #6 trash can qsp #5 qsp #4 banksy qsp #3 track nine what's in a conjunction? carry my scars rejected apple kjellvander computational analysis of weblogs uppercut can you save me? entryone you weren't even close godhead  commiserating the celebration white rose passing hin pondering this is not it the barbican richard what's behind darkness on the corner king of carrot flowers trafalgar square night eye end meetup stained glass horizon subtle iperg deteriorate five dollar chip vent drive neardear northern sky mor ror, far är rar rollicking  forget me not skånegläntan katarina bangata panic interim awfully deep katrina fuck me pumps softer than snow radio free the tags post jeans team #2 conversion qsp at anchor split notes to self jeans team differnet rollocoastah coney island X good morning beautiful deere monosyllabic nowhere fast i walked with a zombie deliverance reification corruption no kidding semester someone, somewhere, in summertime youncle walking the dog hide-in swedish summer netsight onesize entrapment the berry cirque du soleil upandaway bleeding: let's not do this! pick up the dub schmoverlapdance sweep swept slept two years of liberating gold burger soft as snow coney island IX make it all right on this day... realultimatepower going up the country run baby, run televicious smokesout pallerskan partypooper details II when the levee breaks down and out transfer the denial twist kingspitter registrar change feefornothing broadway may 1st: the city that's always asleep. blue bucket fast cars, danger, fire and knives. peek. unease. may 1st: medborgarplatsen. single file to bliss perfect weekend may 1st: get the party started. broadway, early april morning coney island VIII (this is silly) details bondegatan. early morning coney island VII moma moments II agfa jsoly the bride best man and groom may seventh 2005. andreas and ulrika newly wed beat tricycle madness coney island VI foodysecond street union square greene st: ice cream and cell phone coney island V coney island IV dogger, meet blogger greene st, wednesday afternoon wreck it all coney island III coney island II the metropolitan museum of art coney island strapping young lad sunday 11:18 pm. on stage: strapping young lad tuesday night, esb. uptown view. meanwhile at times square... tuesday night, esb tuesday 07:11 am, washington sq park moma moments friday night, woodhaven blvd station II friday night, woodhaven blvd station bolt thrower in a chinese restaurant april 6, 6:05 pm at 5th and 22nd 34th street station finally... broken in new york the 34,000 ft club kom ner till parken speedy marie cars cars cars stjärnspår II stjärnspår nyfiken gul nop pet sounds bar=headache i've got your number assymetric trick motherfucker=redeemer the smoke will lead you home bring on the ether x-mas curtain cbw angst in the small black brick road my inspiration hideyaface batard sensibles meet the new boss codéine empty seat dora subway two subway one rational gaze shitstorm deck the house no night photography untitled non smoking smokey four hundred and counting dygnsrytm little girl grease'n'hassle nude as the news chokladfabriken lomore yeslomo lipstick nonamenogame lomo saw no outside dad strday lost and found wrong side of the tracks attitude förlåt bike'n'lights II move ya loin going going gone peeping tom II crusader of hopelessness pure joy plague rages sick brovah sunday 01:24:15 am: playing pool leaving home year of the dragon big bang prosperity these burgers laundry thirtyfour haywire was there anything i could do? who's there? shadow drunkship of lanterns happy birthday son! potatisgris dust storm my apologies a made up sound can i get a witness beefsteak freezin' zzzzz intergalactic robots tripleexposure who you think i am axe to grind wierd tales here's to 2004 expecting help out! another winterkill come together winterkill run three low key two low key low key too dark park we can build you hurry hurry lillejul truth doesn't make a noise c'mon c'mon peeping tom 21 ounces last rays of light levande begravd moon over plateaux leaning tower by demons be driven dubs that don't match merge, a vessel, a harbour eklektrosöder vive la fête III vive la fête II vive la fête ego trippin' gods and monsters the number of the beast nothing to be done flz buy nothing day black with nv chocolate milkshake disfluent re and turn gainfully funemployed sshhh a day by the lake hanging myself comfortably 23 the passage plingchutchuttn supa fast track this is number three hundred, this is me rusty shovels hey lover no one will ever... counting bodies like sheep cicatriz esp mu-getsu assimilate de-construction time again back to times of splendor lights out have another cookie the sleep of restless hours my own business mining my own business #4 mining my own business #3 mining my own business #2 mining my own business #1 practical photography liquid brain royal explosion parliament square on fallling home is where the heart is hard at work II hard at work brainticket gone mad jukebox re:iterate gigantic okunskap family ties everything's gone green z.n.s. bad on the halo lookaway tunnel vision yet another one iced lightning arla morgon power failure cannibal hymn pueblo love will tear us apart remain a day like no other sleeper in metropolis choke the wheel it's been eight years codéine paperbag writer lucky number nine everything you say hundår into my arms redesigned 99 off the wall go! spastic theme from good people jerusalem (pt. 5) jolene sergels torg fondue doggles conf con't le salève wifi last day theme for great cities dropout boogie pump the brakes #2 this charming man clear carresses on the way take me to the water lions from net to pan forel the teen keen skip perfection transparent radiation you made me realise punchbag i'm back sidewalking pop song urko's conquest consequence falling on your sword dad summer sky pentacon sk8 no music #8 tia alx fourth of july smothered hope no music #7 born annoying the bastards have landed no music #6 bye bye dear lomo the gig is in the water part of me right right now now some band behind 16 bars alx b-day dog day afternoon no music #5 no music #4 no music #3 no music #2 no music silence marrow what's behind darkness pulling our weight qsp #2 spiral snake spaceship landing feed me with your kiss dopethrone with a professional pump the brakes metal heart vanished slain no way out rosendal #1 folie #2 folie #1 between gigs laakso #2 laakso #1 elextroplux slow jam people to carry aftermath ontario is babylon asesino qsp labor asphaltvibrator toi même chief rebel angel another night out playa del söder bike'n'lights janne's boat #4 janne's boat #3 portrait of a little fellow #2 portrait of a little fellow #1 janne's boat #2 janne's boat #1 sthlm by night #8 sthlm by night #7 sthlm by night #6 sthlm by night #5 sthlm by night #4 sthlm by night #3 sthlm by night #2 sthlm by night #1 back to basics overground muted late night window shopping pt 2 xprocpramwalk gloves self-portrait semi-silhouette another silhouette the dark tower abandoned #2 late night window shopping stairs wide view heavy head atmosphere the helicopter again ontop more snow reed #2 reed #1 neglected danger, danger more that fly pigeon here we go again spot the train still snowing snowing truck no boats, no glory got light? car project #2 car project #1 arty perspective tires shoveling snow abandoned? sensia xprocessed major update affordance time for a break generations abstract glass missing something? katarinahissen architecture #3 posed glamour harbour #1 architecture #2 architecture lomoish dinner #2 cold sea lomoish dinner students' homes mom's old bike #2 the barn. again. cold and lonely view from a bridge preparing the pist rush hour gone grey december early morning, late afternoon? concrete support no mojito fire in the hall 03 in sum night time, high time treasured yes, we have no bananas second round of lomo lc-a shots our street #2 desire - food funeral #1 old barn times two bartender, re-scanned mission beach facade #2 under the bridge - structure summer light, november darkness secret first round of lomo lc-a shots rock'n roll at it's finest #3 rock'n roll at it's finest #2 what's cooking? #2 top of the morning mom's bike glennfest #2 glennfest #1 flash in the dark facade misty mountains - dirty window cityscape #2 - night giggles iron curtain - deadline revisited cityscape #1 - downtown back home again tunnel at the end of the light our street speed-bump translucence beware, thin ice The battle continues battle way past deadline. not. the backyard surveillance cams or not? no sleep 'til deadline happy birthday! wednesday, boring wednesday at home again issue 10 of out now! lurker, reveal yourself! pentacon six tl branching family trees to euro or not to euro music for autumns gimme new music, damn it! mourning summer fav time for a colour shot surf's up rock'n roll at it's finest morning bath the quest for moblog software continues what's cooking? summer is still here leonard's got a website